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The Heart of a Clean Home: The Tidy House Story

In our busy lives, my family has learned how important a clean and calm home is for all of us. It’s not just about making everything look nice; it’s about feeling good, staying healthy, and living happily together. That’s why my husband and I started Tidy House back in 2015. We wanted to make homes like yours a peaceful place to live.

I’m Analyn, the co-founder of Tidy House. I love clean spaces and the good they do for people. Our story began eight years ago with a simple wish: to make a better world for children. Coming from a third world country, we realized the advantages of living in a clean environment. We see how the upbringing of clean lifestyle versus the one that’s not potentially sets up a child’s success in life.

an image of a woman who is cleaning the table

I always say, “A clean home means a happy, healthy life.” This idea goes beyond cleaning up—it’s about feeling well and safe, where our kids can play freely, and we can all take a deep breath and relax. Thankfully, before our daughter who is about to turn three in August was born, me as a mom was able to make this dream a reality.

Tidy House is special because we clean with a mother’s care. I know the little things matter, making sure that every corner is not just clean but welcoming and warm.

We fit our cleaning to your home’s own story. We’re more than cleaners—we’re people who truly want to see your home at its best.

I’d love for you to join our Tidy House family. Feel the change a professional cleaning can bring. It’s about making the kind of place where your family can make lovely memories, in a home that’s healthy and clean.

Let Tidy House make your home a happy haven, shining with the same love and attention we give to our own home. Because we really believe a clean home is a happy home.

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